Happy Feet Wallpaper


Enjoy Mumble, the funniest penguin of this Christmas


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If you liked the movie and its main character, Mumble, now we give you the possibility of setting Mumble as your wallpaper.

A magnific backgroung of ice and water with your new friend in it.

Happy Feet has been a revolution in cinemas. In deep antarctica, where Emperor penguins use their voices to find partner, you are nobody unless you can sing. It has born Mumble, a little penguin who can’t sing, but... it dances like a professional.

Its mother thinks it’s cute, but its father thinks 'just ain’t penguin' this will get us into a magnific story which will give you more than one hour and a half of laughs.

If you enjoyed this marvellous animation movie, it’s time to place your favourite penguin in your desktop.

The wallpaper is 1024x768, you’ll find more sizes and models in the Official Site.

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